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open your eyes

while you were asleep

our freedom was breached


there's only one life

for us to share

in this water and air



Sunrise - Brod Rob

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a way to the light

a way to the light

all these days go by, flowers grow. they push through the snow. persistence is why beauty lasts. it holds on despite the past.

cuz nothing on this earth, has had an easy ride. but all of it survives from love inside.

I've been down and out before. and it's sure to come once more, but for... reasons that we can't explain, we need the fire and the rain, it's a strange way. but learning from our past mistakes, it integrates and inspirates our growth, so love can endure.

all these days go by, it seems so fast. our only certainty is nothing lasts. but while were on this earth we'll always know, that love has let us grow. I always believe it, even on the darkest days, somewhere you can see the sunshine's rays. cuz everybody out there is searching for the light, but all along it's found on the inside.

I've been round and back again. everytime I've been taught a lesson, and in... the outer glow of every soul remains the chance to lose control I know, so please hold on. cuz  in every type and every kind of trouble that infects your mind you'll find... a way to the light. 



A Way to the Light - Brod Rob
in all our hearts

in all our hearts

i think i better step outside, people are gathered out in the streets.

there's something going on tonight, I feel a movement inside of me.

we're living in insanity, and boy the levy, it's gonna break.

for the love of all humanity we're moving on, now wide awake.

in all our hearts inside

is the same rhythm of life

the beat defeats the hatred in the streets

the time is now to throw your weapons down

when minds unwind, there is love for all mankind

i think it's time we take a dive into souls, into the deep.

nobody's getting out alive, so all possessions we can't really keep.

so how do we find our way through the dark?

made by the sun - connected as one - now slaves to a gun - but our day will come - when hatred is done - Mumbai to brooklyn - the fight will be won - by the power of love


In All Our Hearts - Brod Rob

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highway song

highway song

driving the highway

in the rain

i put the top down


some people i've known

now lay beneath stone

and I hear them

calling out today

 the good old days

ain't good until they're old

and had the time

to disappear

and longing for them

to return is useless

cuz there's only

now and here

but if i could

i'd grab my pack

and climb the highest hills

to get back to those

younger days

that made the mundane

turn to thrills

when music

made my mind explode

and my body got the chills

and all our lives ahead

for dreams fulfilled


now i know that

no one gets to stay

but we lose the good ones

too early

the county turns grey

the flood's taking place

but i feel like

I drowned already




Highway Song - Brod Rob
the only constant

the only constant

captured by contentment, you say you'll never leave

but now your feet are dragging, i think i do believe

now is the time for moving on, the world waits for no one

you know it's now or never, the pressure's at the top

the world is ever-changing, the people rising up

now go grab your great weapons of choice

a guitar and a voice

the only constant in this life is change

you won't learn too much by staying on this page

so turn it over

the spirit of adventure, the lust to wander far

be a mover and a shaker, it's time to raise the bar

oh the amazing ride we're on, on this rock near the sun

there is but one purpose for every single creature

to make itself a copy, and be that copy's teacher

show all the children how it's done, with respect, grace, and fun


The Only Constant - Brod Rob


gone are...

gone are...

gone is the stream we depended on

flown have birds from the drought

bare is the land we farmed on

dry minus the tears we let out

it's greed that makes us bleed

for nothing we need

and hate closes the gate

to let peace proceed

the ocean's alive

with the highest of waves

the great mountain range

is plagued and shrouded in flames

gone are the wise men we depended on

drowned are our homes from the flood

dead are the fish we thrived on

plagued by the waste of toxic mud

the state came in too late

to salvage our fate

the earth is priceless in worth

begin our rebirth

the world will survive

through the flood and the drought

the earth don't need us

but the earth we can't live without


Gone Are... - Brod Rob


part of the system

part of the system

we've had our eye on you awhile, boy

we know just what you've been up to

those posts and protests they concern us

now here swallow our version of truth

you're just a part of the system

oh boy they got a hold on you

you're just a part of the system, boy

how do i know cuz i am too

and every small town police force

got a riot tank waitin' for you

to haul you off to private prison

and make a profit too

your science just does us no good, girl

our shareholders say it's just not true

but we have got solutions for this problem

take this cash, deny facts, or you're doomed

you're just a part of the system

oh girl they got a hold on you

you're just a part of the system, girl

how do i know cuz i am too

and every pundit on your tv screen

they got a false flag wavin' for you

and we're braincuffed to the machine

programmed to consume


Part of the System - Brod Rob


love immortalized

love immortalized


lookout humanity's/passion for vanity/useless calamity/partial insanity/all fired at me/i'm  tired but say it is astounding/and the game/where they blame/those in poverty's flames/for degrading the chains/of the precious mainframe/it is a shame i proclaim it is confounding/when the heat on the street/got boots on concrete/march military/ like cds on repeat/they coming for me and society whaddaya do man?/now i state the case/that from now on grace/will replace corruption's embrace/cuz there's only one race on the face of this place and it's human/

da to get the people united/peace and love to let all the light in/so all the wrongs can be righted/they'll be no more fussing and fighting

the love that's in your eyes/the love that's in the skies/the love that me realize/the love immortalized

don't believe all you read/they intend to mislead/disrupt the news feed/a culture of greed/trying to feed manipulation/through the fire and rain/through the pleasure and pain/through the loses and gains/like blood in your veins/there will always remain/the need to attain education/i confess i'm distressed how much they oppress/beneath cleverness/but we possess/the will for success/and unification/cuz our ammunition/is artists and musicians/that share the ambition/of the demolition of bad politicians/to put in position/ irie vibrations/


Love Immortalized - Brod Rob


losing my position

losing my position

well america has spoken, as to what we really need

and it seems apparently it's more fear, hate, and greed

well the system isn't workin', and that we know for sure

but boy ain't got no clue the fury we'll endure

now we take it to the streets

the revolution is in heat

now if we all stay at home, our home's gone beneath our feet

now we stand up to the machine

stand up before the market crash

on the outside looking in, it's just the great white backlash

the parties are in embers, a foolish man the fuel

but the only way we're told is by elephant or mule

and now we yell it from the roof; it's a lie and we got proof

and men who hide their face say we can't handle the truth

now we stand for equality, we stand for minorities 

we stand for loving the planet and each other as priority

revolution brewin' in the air



Losing My Position - Brod Rob

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a living breathing world

a living breathing world

better run for your life, for you are in danger. better run to the hills, become a high mountain ranger. cuz even your best friend can become a stranger. leave it all behind, and don't look back in anger. babylon is not reality. babylon, it breed insanity.

there's a world beyond your computer

there's a world beyond your front door

a living breathing world

with vibrations everywhere, the world is a speaker. poverty is the plague, cuz the greedy are eager. an exodus back to the land makes the system weaker. how long we stay on this earth depends on how we treat her. babylon create calamity. babylon oppress humanity. 

there's a world beyond your country

there are worlds beyond our galaxy

yes living breathing worlds

A Living Breathing World - Brod Rob



troddin' the wrong trail

troddin' the wrong trail

they worship a god that they cannot see, and destroy the only one that they can

to build a temple they cut down the old fig trees they can pray for god to bring food to them

funny yeah i know, cuz we've been on down this same road over and over again

it's time to accept that this whole planet is stronger than gods of man

because we're troddin' on the wrong trail, we stay on this one and we all fail

we're troddin' on the wrong trail, a brand new paradigm must prevail

yes i know it's hard to let go of what you perceive , turns out the truth just is not what you believe

now one man put all his faith in the bible, one man put all his faith in koran

both don't got no trust for each other, and both of them don't understand

with evidence we benefit, and accept that someday we might be wrong

your whole outlook based on one book, and it's been mistook for far too long



Troddin' the Wrong Trail - Brod Rob
oh be joyful

oh be joyful

when you spend your days with reasons and ways

how you were betrayed by this earth

do not fail to see the reality

all that we can be has boundless worth

money takes you for a nice joyride

then just leaves you by a lonely curbside

the only thing in your control

is to embrace the beauty in your soul

there are some that never see an ocean

there are some who live behind a wall

when you think there's just too many problems

i say oh be joyful for it all

the storm is upon us all, why not revel in the rain - the flowers need to grow, find resilience to the pain - well the road ahead is long, brothers, sisters please adhere - and things don't change when strife's in range and you run away with fear

well it seems insane to go against the grain

yet if you refrain you'll have regret

one day you will find if you observe your mind

you're not left behind, no not yet

wondrous mountains are not easy to climb

but we are masters of this moment in time

the only thing you have to do

is know your dreams and follow them through

there are days when living seems useless

there are days when you will drop the ball

the fruit of life rests high up in the tree

but oh be joyful it still falls

Oh Be Joyful - Brod Rob





a new day will dawn soon

a new day will dawn soon

a new day will come at last

light the way

forgive the past

a new day will dawn soon



Sunset - Brod Rob

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